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1st annual Electrical and Computer Engineering Student Paper Competition (updated)

ECE Graduate Students Association is pleased to announce their first annual student paper competition. Please check the guidelines below and start working on your papers. Winners in either journal papers or conference papers will be awarded.
Submission rules and Guidelines:
  1. Papers submitted to the competition must be submitted to either a journal or a conference. (Proof of submission should be provided).
  2. Papers submitted to conferences and journals between 1/1/2015 and 3/1/2016 are considered.
  3. Each student can only submit one journal and one conference.
  4. Each student can submit to one field only.
  5. Students submitting must be the first authors of their papers.
  6. In case a journal and a conference are to be submitted, they should be different.
  7. Please use IEEE transactions format for journal papers and IEEE conferences format for conference papers.
  8. Papers will be judged based on the content, writing, formatting, presentation quality and originality.
  9. Students submitting to the competition must be registered for Spring-2016 semester.
The competition will take place in the last week of April. More details will be provided later.
Submission will start at the beginning of Spring-2016 semester.

Submission Procedure

- Please have your paper(s) ready and formatted as required. 
- Please have ready the proof of submission or the proof of acceptance, or in case the paper was published, the DOI or the link to the publication.
- Combine the proof of submission and paper into one pdf file. The paper should be first in the document.
- Access the following link: and follow all of the rules posted there.
- Please follow the steps required for submission: Indicate the discipline, the first author's name, The title, the abstract, whether it is a conference or a journal publication and finally upload the files.
- If you face any problems Please contact us at, or contact the page administrator: Mustafa Al-Mashhadani through the webpage.
Submission deadline is: 03/04/2016.

Judging phases

First phase

Each discipline has a professor as a judge. The judge will decide on the best paper for journal and conference. All chosen papers from each discipline will get to the second judging phase.

Second phase

All finalists from each discipline will present their paper in 3 minutes for the GSA committee in an event in the first week of April. The committee will choose 5 papers finalists for conference and 5 papers finalists for journals.

Third phase

The 10 finalist papers will be presented by their authors on the 30th of april for the final judging panel. Their presentations will be 20 minutes long (presenting and answering questions). The event will also include poster presentations where all finalists from each discipline can present their papers. All the attendees will have the opportunity to see the work done by our students.

The final judging panel will decide on the winners from each category. Winners will be announced at the end of the competition day!
Good Luck all!


Conference publication: 

- 1st place: 500$
- 2nd place: 250$
- 3rd Place: 100$

Journal publication:

- 1st place: 750$

- 2nd place: 500$

- 3rd Place: 250$

Graduate Students Association President

Firas Ayoub