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GSA Members

GSA Committee

Sumit Chhabria

GSA President.
Sumit Chhabria is currently a Masters Student at Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of New Mexico with specialization in Systems and Controls. I did my Undergraduate in Electrical Engineering from India.

Grant Heileman

GSA Vice-President.
grantGrant Heileman is currently a Ph.D student working on the application of rapid prototyping and functional materials as applied to RF design. Heiscurrently using the Voxel 8 3D printer; focusing on manufacturing RF liquid crystal devices.

Callie Darsey

GSA Treasurer.
CallieCallie Darsey got her bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from UNM in May 2015. Since then, she has worked part-time on a master's degree        focusing in image processing. She has worked at Innobright Technologies and interned at Honeywell Aerospace. During Fall 2017 and Spring 2018, Callie anticipates working on a thesis relating to activity detection in video. Aside from her studies, Callie enjoys taking walks, making tortillas, and being amember of Toastmasters. 

Alireza Ghasempour

GSA Secritary.

GSA Volunteers

Firas Ayoub

GPSA Council member.
unavailableFiras is a PhD student specialized in applied electomagnetics with the focus on millimeter wave antenna design and wave propagation.

Gangadharan Esakki

Active GSA volunteer.

Gangadharan Esakki is currently doing his PhD in Computer Engineering with focus on Image/Video processing and​Video compression. My other research interests include H.265/x265 High Efficiency Video Coding, Machine learning, Computer Vision, Dynamically Reconfigurable (DRASTIC) architectures. Apart from school, I engage my self writing poetry, climb rocks, ski, teach yoga and practice the art of making Cappuccino. Also served as a committee member in various student organizations like Indian Student Association (ISA), World Student Alliance (WSA) and reading grants for GPSA (Graduate and Professional Students Association) in the campus.